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THE BEST True Wireless Buds - Dudios Zeus ACE Super Review

The Zeus Ace is a pretty small pod but I do feel that those with very small ears may have difficulty getting them completely inside their concha thus causing it to protrude outwards somewhat, this doesn't affect much but a something to note nonetheless. They're also incredibly light weight and do a fine job at staying in place in your ears, especially if using Comply memory foam, thus wearing these for long durations shouldn't cause any discomfort. On the note of that actually, these have really good sound isolation properties that I learned first hand when using them to mow my lawn comfortably while listening to a youtube video at my normal listening levels.

The Dudios Zeus Ace can also be utilized as workout iems due to them being IPX4 sweat resistant. I can only speak for myself when using them to workout in so YMMV, but when I used them with weight training and basic cardio I had no issues with them moving or falling out, admittedly to my surprise considering I am a sweater to put it lightly. Now, from my personal experience, when going for a run they did often start slipping loose causing me to have to push them back in every few seconds and often hitting the button pausing my music thus causing me to have to reach up again to rehit the button. As I said, YMMV especially if you don't sweat as much as I do but so long as you are doing weight training or basic cardio you shouldn't have any issues with the Zeus Ace causing you any discomfort.

To finish this section, though I personally prefer the corded version (just a personal preference) these are very comfortable to wear, even more so than the corded version. Though these can be worn to sleep as well, from personal experience, the blanket/pillow will often push in on the button causing your music to pause; something to keep in mind.

thumbnail (5).jpgSo thus far, like the younger sibling, I've been incredibly impressed by the Dudios Zeus Ace but how does it sound? Is it an upgrade from my beloved Dudios Zeus or is it just a difference in flavor?

From the first track I played through the Zeus Ace I immediately felt at home with a familiar, fun, sound. The Zeus Ace is certainly no audiophile iem that's for sure, but it is one that is very fun to listen to when wanting to workout or just get your groove on. Though not as over the top bassy as the original Zeus, it is still the focal point. As for soundstage, it's certainly an in your face variety which is fine for music but for those wanting to watch tv etc… things may sound claustrophobic and cluttered together.

Get it--https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NW6Z16J


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