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Dudios Tic Wireless earbuds - Reviews

Pros: feature rich, small form factor. good sound
Cons: form factor might not be for everyone. buds can fall out and get lost easily without proper care.

These offer a very pleasant V shaped signature that is fun and enjoyable with most music.

They offer a good level of comfort and fit depending on ear size and tips used. I would however recommend a foam tip for gym use as they might fall out with jarring movements.

The item paired with everything perfectly from android, iOS to windows 10 for me first try. I only had a minor issue after accidentally tripping gaming mode.
I was really surprised but the features and quality of this product for the price its very impressive.
From the 18 hour playback time to the touch controls.

In a nutshell a great bargain for the price good sound, great features for under $40 , one cant go wrong for gym use or as a grab and go pair for general use. About Dudios Tic earbuds, you can know more here--https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/dudios-tic-wireless-earbuds.24100/reviews.

If you have read this far, you probably already know what I am going to say here. If not, then I can sum it up by saying I think the Shuttle model represents a better value than the tic as its sound signature is more neutral and its batterylife a bit better. Those with small ears may prefer the tic as it is a bit smaller and more Airpod-esque, and those looking for a deep V for big bass will fidn the tic more to their liking as it definitely delivers a larger bass. The touch controls are well thought out, and the stereo calling is a great feature particularly at a price tag of sub $30. Its always good to have options and now Dudios has two solid ones in the budget category with the Tic and Shuttle models. If you prefer a big V and are looking for a budget TWS, the Tic may be the one for you.


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